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Thoughtfulness is thinking of something nice to do, then doing it.

Do you need a gift for a sentimental occasion? Something that lets the recipient know how much you care? Pysanky are ideal presents for bridal or baby showers, birthdays, christenings, baptisms, confirmations, weddings or anniversaries. Or maybe you want a thoughtful way to reach out to someone with an illness, fertility problems, appreciation, etc. These pysanky are some designs that are meant for specific occasions. They are not tailored to any specific individual, but rather contain general good wishes for the occasion. (However, some have room for adding a name or date.) All eggs shown are chicken eggs unless otherwise noted. Please specify if you want the egg to hang from a ribbon or sit on a stand.


Get Well Soon

A one-color egg is often given to people with health problems. This blue egg has oak leaves for strength, curls for protection, and stylized pine boughs around the egg for health.


Bees are a traditional and potent symbol of a productive marriage. Three-leaved periwinkles stand for eternal love. Eternity bands filled with stepped pyramids symbolize a strong foundation, placed over a heart for love. Red triangles signify the fire of passion, while the crosshatched triangles represent judgement and wisdom. Each end is capped with a flower for love and beauty. Please specify two first names and a date to replace one of the bee panels

Wedding ring quilt egg

Wedding Ring Quilt

Since this design is based on a Wedding Ring quilt pattern, this makes a nice wedding present or can be used by the bride and groom as a cake topper or appreciation gift to attendants. It is shown in peach, pink and purple, but can be customized in shades to match your wedding or your home. Customized with first names and wedding date, if desired.

Gypsy Road

This design has been around for hundreds of years. The intricate meandering line is neverending. Legend has it that any evil you encounter will get trapped on the twisting, turning design and remain lost forever. This particular pysanky encorporates oak leaves, meaning strength and health. This is a great gift for someone feeling ill and needing some help. The design pictured is teal on a blue duck egg; any color combination can be used.

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