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Wealthy Healthy and Wise Rhea

Wealthy, Healthy and Wise, Rhea - 2006

A rhea-sized version of the chicken egg I designed for my segment on HGTV's show "That's Clever!" This shell was sanded to a porcelain-smooth finish. It contains wheat and waves (lots of waves) for wealth and prosperity, diamonds and rakes for wise management of the wealth, and pine boughs for health. Without your health, you've got nothing!

White House 2006

White House Contest Egg, Chicken - 2006/2007

This egg will be displayed at the White House State Egg Exhibit during Easter, 2007. It is featured on the White House State Egg page. We attended the opening reception hosted by First Lady Laura Bush, and stayed in washington to take part in the White House Easter festivities. See the whole story here.


Rogers Wildlife

Rogers Wildlife , Goose- 2006

I donated this goose egg, decorated with bird motifs, to the Rogers Wildlife Bird Preserve in south Dallas. Side view .



"L'Eclosion", Duck- 2006

This egg was commissioned by singer/songwriter Brie Stoner for her first album, "L'Eclosion" (The Hatching).


White House Egg 2006

White House Contest Egg, Chicken - 2005/2006

Each year at Easter, the White House hosts a display of decorated eggs from all 50 states. Texas chooses their egg from a contest held at the State Fair in October. I won a second prize ribbon and $40.00. This egg is on display at the Capitol Building in Austin. Click the thumbnail to see a full description and large photos.

State Fair 2005

State Fair Blue Ribbon Winner, Ostrich - 2005

Notice the similarities to the Majmudar and Peacock eggs? This is another variation on that design, executed on an ostrich egg. This entry won a first place in the Craftsman/Designer division, Decorated Egg category at the State Fair of Texas. No cash, just a blue ribbon and bragging rights! Click on the photo for the full story.


Majmudar Wedding, Goose - 2005

This egg celebrates the wedding between a couple from India. It combines traditional Ukrainian pysanky symbolism with Indian marriage symbolism. The peacock motif represents the national bird of India; the red and orange motifs stand for the steps around the fire a couple takes during their wedding ceremony; the yellow and black arc is the traditional gold and jet beaded necklace the groom gives to his bride; the waves symbolize the journey of immigrants.


Peacock motif, Goose - 2005

Inspired by my egg for the Majmudars, I did this similar pattern just for myself. Notice that this egg has a much slimmer, taller shape than theirs. It is also much more elaborate, since I did not have a deadline or a budget to constrain me.


Intermediate, Goose - 2005

As a member of the International Egg Art Guild, I may submit my work for judging. This pysanky passed the intermediate level. It is wholly traditional in its motifs and colors.



Rubertelli, Brown Chicken- 2004

A loving daughter purchased this chicken pysanky for her mother for Christmas. Her mother adores birds, so this design features a Pennsylvania Dutch "distlefink" hex sign, something common to the mother's hometown. The side view shows a geometric pattern taken from a quilt pattern called "Birds in the Air." The lacy beige patterns suggest antique lace, another favorite thing. Instead of using the natural color of the shell to outline most of the design, I chose to use black as the outline color, a technique sometimes referred to as "stained glass," which is another thing the mother loved.


Casso Anniversary, Rhea - 2003

For a 25th anniversary, I chose a pattern based on a double wedding ring quilt pattern. The couple are originally from New Orleans, which lent the Mardi Gras Color scheme and fleur de lis motifs.

Side view, Front view


Gambrell Anniversary, Rhea, 2003

The geometric portion of this design is based on a favorite Turkish rug owned by the couple. A rug is symbolic of hearth and home, warmth and comfort, and is often very valuable despite the fact that we wipe our feet on it. The oak trees drawn here are from the poem "Friendship" by Henry David Thoreau that was included in the Gambrell's wedding. While the oak trees never touch at the top, their roots are intertwined. The two acorns represent their two sons. Other face view/ Top view

JPB Christening

JPB the Third Christening, Goose - 2003

For my nephew James Philip Butterly the Third's baptism, I designed an 8" goose egg in royal blue, a color that specially signifies children. The cross stands for his welcome to Christianity; the green pine boughs stand for health. The white hen's feet stand for a mother's love and protection. The zig-zag around the eternity band stands for wisdom, and is inscribed with his full name and birth date.



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